Alex Broadstock Photography


2015: One crazy year

It's always around this time of year where I start looking through old photos and reminiscing of the year that past.  I think about all the amazing adventures, all the late night talks with friends, all the hours working in coffee shops, all the time pushing sliders editing photos, and all the experiences I had with so many authentic and inspiring people. Its the experiences with these people that are the most memorable and the most meaningful. 


I've been reluctant to post these photos because they mean so much to me. They represent the end of an amazing adventure in Europe and the departure from one of the most beautiful places in the world. But hey, there's no fun in keeping these photos to myself. As a photographer I want my photos to evoke the sense of adventure into their viewers. I want these photos to inspire people to go outside. I want these photos to inspire people to get out and go on bigger and better trips than I have.  Hopefully these do just that. 


Naples was the one destination on our trip I was somewhat unsure about. From the photos online Naples looked like paradise, however we also heard the opposite from friends and family who had visited before. However, our experiences in Naples were lovely...


Rome: land of history, art, and selfie sticks. We were told that Rome was built on a tourist market and we experienced it first hand. Immediately after stepping out of the Rome train station we were offered to buy some selfie sticks, and the offer never stopped. But I don't blame them, we were tourists.