Alex Broadstock Photography


India // Day 4

On the fourth day, we paid a visit to Jaipur Foot, a non-profit organization that supplies below the waist amputees with affordable prosthetics.  We met with Dr. Jain, the primary doctor for the organization, and he showed us around to the small manufacturing and testing area.  It was unbelievable to think that over 400 prosthetic legs and feet would be made in that small shop each year.  Maybe even more unbelievable was that the cost for making each foot ranged from only ten to fifty US dollars, a very reasonable price for a life-changing product.  Jaipur Foot also provides financial aid towards prosthetics as well as free housing and food for patients during the fitting period.  The workers at Jaipur Foot were kind enough to show us the manufacturing process and were able to complete the basic assembly in less than 15 minutes.  The short manufacturing time, combined with inexpensive equipment costs, provides a perfect solution for prosthetics in developing countries.  However, there are drawbacks with the Jaipur Foot design including it's inability to standardize the manufacturing process as well its heavy weight.  The doctors and engineers are currently testing and developing new methods and materials to try and solve these problems.  You can check out their work at or email Dr. Jain at for any questions or if you want to make a generous donation.