Alex Broadstock Photography


India // Day 5+6

I was very excited to work at the orphanage when I signed up for this trip.  I love playing with kids because of their pure joy and honesty.  We arrived at the orphanage in the morning met the director who was an absolute saint and and a compassionate leader.  Every worker in the orphanage was constantly smiling and the happiness resonated directly in the kids.  There was an energy in the air that trumped the stereotypical idea that orphanages are sad and harsh places.  The kids didn’t know that we were coming and they were definitely shocked when fifteen white college students walked into their classroom.  After introducing ourselves and beginning an activity, they opened up and showed their true personality.   We brought a couple different activities for the kids to do (drawing, beach balls, bracelets) and they loved them all.  After two days at the orphanage, it was difficult to leave.  However, we left knowing that the kids were in good hands and that they all had bright futures.  After coming back from the orphanage, we walked to a local Tibetan Market as well as an Indian market.  One vendor began calling me Michael Jackson.  I was completely confused.  I told the vendor that my name wasn't Michael Jackson and that Michael Jackson died.  The three men standing around were all shocked and had no idea that Jackson died.  Their expressions were priceless.