Alex Broadstock Photography


India // Day 8

It was the last day.  I was both excited to go home but also sad that this great trip was coming to such a quick end.  We started the day again by practicing yoga on the hotel balcony.  It was refreshing and a perfect way to start the day.  When the session ended, the instructor said, "I hope our paths cross again at some point."  Even as the day passed I still thought about what she said.  Her comment was encompassing of the entire trip, not only for the short yoga sessions we had, but also for our group members and the locals we were able to meet.  Leaving such an amazing experience was difficult.  I wanted to stay forever, but it was just another step along the path.  During the day, we visited Qutab Minar, the first ancient city in Dehli.  Afterwards, we visited some local shops and packed for the flight.  I have to admit that I will not miss the constant perstering of venders on the streets.  Nor will I miss the sometimes awful smells of garbage found in the ally's.  However, I will miss the culture, sights, and smells (some) that India gave to us.  Five years ago I would have never imagined traveling to India.  To be honest I didn't even know that I would be at Ohio State.  But I am so lucky to be apart of a university that offers such amazing programs and so lucky to have such supportive parents.  In my opinion these experiences are far richer than any classroom and force people to view the world through different lenses.  Now that this trip is over, I can not wait to start planning for the next trip.  To anyone who is thinking of traveling, do it.  You will not regret it.  Adventure is out there.