Alex Broadstock Photography


India // Day 1

I'm in India.  Thats right.  India.  I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with a group of engineering students to India for a study abroad/ service learning trip.  I'm typing this right now in one of the more unique and magnificent hotels I have ever been in, and luckily their WiFi works. Before the trip, my excitement for going to India was beyond measure and analogous with most members of the group.  I was excited to be immersed in a culture that was foreign to me and to have the opportunity to experience life in a different way.  I couldn’t wait to take it all in.  From the moment we landed, I knew that this was going to be a good trip.  As backwards as it may seem, the scorching heat felt refreshing.  It was a change in environment that I really needed.  A break from school and a break from all the pressures associated with it.  The first day was no disappointment.  We visited the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, two of the most famous landmarks in northern India.  Both were magnificent, however the true act of being in India with all the people, sights, and smells was beautiful in itself.