Alex Broadstock Photography



Naples was the one destination on our trip I was somewhat unsure about. From the photos online Naples looked like paradise, however we also heard the opposite from friends and family who had visited before. However, our experiences in Naples were lovely. We rented an airbnb from a nice woman who we named “ciao”. Similar to our Italian vocabulary, her english vocabulary wasn’t very large so we just said ciao to each other.  The apartment was located in the historic area of naples, it was lined with beautifully old gothic buildings and family owned restaurants. The pizza was delicious.

Traveling to beautiful destinations is fun, but sharing those experiences with good friends makes it so much better. Naples was the first stop that my friend Das joined us on. My friends Joanne and Kate also joined us for the weekend during their study abroad in Rome. 

The weather wasn’t very cooperative with us during our time in Naples but we made the best out of it by exploring hidden gems along the coast. A lot of what we visited came about by saying “Hey, that looks cool over there”, and we’d find a path to take. 

The photos below include our trips around the city as well as our adventure up Mt. Vesuvius.